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State Emporia, Delhi

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An emporium is a very big store that sells a variety of commodities. Hence, you can call it as a departmental store.  Because, you arrived in Delhi and want to pickup the souvenirs  of all the major states of India at one place.   First you can visit at State Emporia/ Emporium, Delhi then to any other market.

State Emporia/ Emporium Delhi is situated on Baba Kharak Singh Marg in front of the Pracheen Hanuman Mandir and Nearby Shivaji Stadium. Therefore, you can locate it easily. You will find arts and handicrafts famous in different  State Emporia/ Emporium Delhi which are specifically illustrated below. 

Besides it, there are also three more markets nearby the State Emporia complex namely, first one is Connaught Place Market, second one is Palika Bazar and third one is Janpath Market as described below at the end of this blog.

On the other hand if you still have sufficient time then in addition to the above,  you can also visit the nearby tourist spots:  Namely  Pracheen Hanuman Mandir, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Charkha Museum and Jantar Mantar, as described below at this blog.

Following commodities are specifically famous:

  • Shawls
  • Bronze lamps
  • Paintings
  • Hand printed cotton fabrics
  • Miniature paintings
  • Paper mache  products
  • Jewelry
  • Wood carvings
  • Carpets
  • Silk and Cotton saris
  • Chanderi sarees
  • Bamboo and Cane products
  • Books and Paper products
  • Rural handicrafts etc.

Following are the main State Emporiums :

  • Phulkari – Punjab Govt State Emporium
  • Zoon – Jammu and Kashmir Emporium
  • Cauvery – Karnataka Emporium,
  • Poompuhar – Tamil Nadu emporium
  • Gurjari – Gujrat State Emporium
  • Rajasthali- Rajasthan State Emporium
  • Amrapali – Bihar Emporium
  • Utkalika – Odisha Emporium
  • Gangotri – Uttar Pradesh Emporium
  • Mriganayani – Madhya Pradesh State Emporium
  • Purbasha – Tripura Emporium
  • Manjusha – West Bengal Emporium

Best Time to visit State Emporia, Delhi

The best time to visit State Emporia, Delhi is from October to March when the weather is pleasant. But, you can visit any time according to your convenience.

State Emporia Delhi Timings:

























Nearest Tourist Spots to State Emporia/ Emporium Complex:

  • Jantar Mantar : It is 300 year old astronomical observatory. Since, It is around 250 meters far from State Emorium, hence, you can walk upto it as well.
  • Pracheen Hanuman Mandir: The temple is situated in front of the State Emporia, therefore, cross the road and see it.  Since, Tuesday and Saturday are the special days of worship. When devotees come in large numbers at the temple.
  • Bangla Sahib Gurudwara: It is very beautiful.  Since, it is clean and well managed Gurduwara. As it is  open for all faiths, so you always witness that visitors are there all the time. It is on the same road hardly 150 meters.  Hence, no conveyance is required.
  • Charkha Museum: NDMC has made the Charkha Monument on the park above Palika Parking. It is also on the same road hardly 100 meters.

Other Markets nearby State Emporia/ Emporium:

  • Palika Bazar: It is located in front of gate number 6 of Rajeev Chowk Metro Station. There are around 400 shops selling a different range of items. It is around 300 meters far from State Emporium.
  • Janpath Market: it is one of the most famous markets for both Indian and foreign tourists. The market essentially is a long line of boutique stores selling products which are hard to find even in the malls and big stores.
  • Connaught Place: In-spite of the many markets on the other hand Connaught Place is the largest commercial center in the New Delhi.

Finally in conclusion to above:

Delhi is a very big city. Before arriving here, we will recommend you to do some homework. And shortlist, where to go, what to do in Delhi. This exercise will save you, from last minute confusion.

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