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delhi one day bus tour

there is nothing best than Delhi one day bus tour to visit major attractions of Delhi in one day.

Delhi being the capital of India has a lot of potential not as per centre power and commerce, but also as a main tourist hub.  The bus tours starts generally at 9:55am and tour ends at 6:30am  In this Delhi one day bus tour you are able to see various aspects of the city. In order to book this bus tour click Delhi Darshan Bus Tour

Mahatma Gandhi Mark at Delhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born today about a century and half ago and he breathed his last in Delhi.  To celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Delhi Department of archaeology has illuminated three monuments with the three colours of the national flag – Saffron, White and Green. The chosen heritage structures are Gol Gumbad near Lodhi Hotel, Bijri Khan’s tomb near Sector 3 in R.K. Puram and mausoleum of Paik at Mukarba Chowk on Delhi- Karnal bypass. This illumination on monuments will remain from 7pm to 11pm till 9th October 2018.

Here are a couple of memorial places in Delhi that bear impressions from his life:

  1. Gyarah Murti
  2. Gandi Smriti
  3. Raj Ghat
  4. Valmiki Temple
  5. National Gandhi Museum:
    Mahatma Gandhi’s heartbeat reverberated through the National Gandhi Museum which is located near Rajghat on the occasion of his 149th birth anniversary.  The sound of his heart left tourists emotionally charged and felt connected to the Father of Nation.

Brand New Lake at Purana Qila

The iconic lake which is in the stories of so many visitors at Purana Qila is ready to greet visitors again.

In the same complex there will be a state-of-the-art museum and interpretation centre with newly laid pathways and decorative lights, will be inaugurated on October 3, 2018.


However, boating facility at the lake, which was stopped in August 2016 is not started yet.


To dig out historical evidences related to pre-Mauryan period (3rd ceentury BC) excavations were conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India, making some part of the fort inaccessible to visitors. These inaccessible parts will b opened soon for general public.


The Archaeological Survey of India has discovered painted grey wares, antiquities and ancient coins, during th fresh excavation of last year.  In earlier excavations carried out at the fort by ASI, artifacts corresponding to Maurya, Shunga, Kushana, Rajput, Gupta, Sultanates and Mughal periods were recovered and are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum in the fort complex.


Visitors to Puranal Qila complex will have to pay Rs.20 as monument entry fee, which was previously free.

Delhi Red Fort Light and Sound Show

Good news for travelers visiting Delhi .  There is going to be a new Light and sound show going to start at Red Fort of Delhi.

In this upgraded show, latest technology including high tech laser projections, headphones etc. will be introduced and the chances are high that entire script of the show will be changed.

The existing show will be suspended for a short while till the new show starts operating.  The tentative time of restarting the show is  by 2018 year end or by early 2019.

Soon Pay Extra Rs 200 to enter main mausoleum of Taj Mahal

Get ready to shell out Rs.200 to enter main mausoleum of Taj Mahal. This amount has to be paid by both Indian and Foreign passengers.  This information was conveyed by Archeological Survey of India and this is going to be implement very soon.

Beginning 8th August 2018 entry tickets for Foreigners were already hiked from Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,100 and for Indians from Rs.40 to Rs.50

delhi tour

no body can think of Delhi Tour in this way also.  You can do Delhi Sightseeing by Bus, Car, Rickshaw, Metro and Walk all in one day.  I know this may sound hilarious or impossible, but we do make this happen every day here in Delhi.

Travelling is my passion and i developed this passion into my career and started my company Delhi Darshan, to show my city to entire world.  This city can not be viewed just in one or two days at lest five to seven days are minimum required to see some spots at Delhi Tour.

Passengers mostly keep one day, only one day for the capital of India.  And generally believe, “Humnay Delhi Dekh Liya”

Delhi is not a place where people of all states live together only, this city has evolved into a major commercial and cultural hub.  You will find different localities of people who hailed from different parts of India such as Bengal, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharasthra and so on…

Everybody didn’t just came and settle over here but brought their native culture along with them, which we witness in the form of food, clothing, language, colour and design of houses and the list seems to be never ending, we have tried all our best to include as much of these in Delhi Tour.  Further we have made new blends of everything here for example fried ice-cream, yes you read it right.  Kids of Punjabi’s can understand and even speak South Indian languages and vice versa, because they study in same school.  You are going to witness these and many more blends spread all over the city.

Here in Delhi when we take you on a Delhi Darshan tour so our main motto is to show you the glimpse of this magnificent city in One Day Delhi Tour, so that next time whenever you come back, you come with more days to spend at Delhi.

twin qutub minar

you would be shocked to know that there is a second Qutub Minar in Delhi.  We call it Hastsal ki Laat or the Hastsal Minaret and is popularly known as the Laat.  The design of this monument resembles Qutub Minar and same material is used red sand stone and bricks.

The location of this minaret is at Hastsal village which is at western part of Delhi, bit far away from the famous iconic one at Mehrauli at southern part of Delhi.  Mughal Emperor Shahjahan built this in 1650 which served as his hunting lodge, height of Laat is 55-foot (17 m) high which is now abandoned.

Some people says that “there’s an underground tunnel between the Laat and the Bara Dari palace”


Legislative Assembly, NCT of Delhi Opened for General Public

on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day, the gates of Delhi Legislative Assembly will be opened for general public to witness the illuminated historic building.   Two days are assigned for this purpose i.e. 14 and 15 August 2018 from 5:30pm to 9:00pm

You should visit this historical building with your family and see the place from where government of Delhi works.

We encourage visitors which are in Delhi right now to visit this place and include it in their Delhi Night Tour and National Rail Museum


selecting mode of transportation to view city from inside changes the entire tour for one and travelling by Delhi Darshan Bus is a different experience all together.

Delhi Darshan Bus Tour is a well weaved one day experience for first time visitors to Delhi as this tour is comprising of all major aspects of Delhi.  Generally this bus tour starts at 9:55am but assembling starts at 9:15am, we advise passengers strongly to reach on time as there is lot to see in Delhi but condition is that you have to be on time.

This bus will take you to Temple, important Government Buildings, Historical Places, Religious Places, Art – Architecture point of view important spots and so on…
Your entire day will spend at visiting places and taking pictures of Delhi and Delhi Life, here in every corner of the city you will find spots which are important for your visit.

There is a halt for lunch also and we advise passengers to carry their own choice of eatables and drinking water from their hotels or place of stay as sometime it gets difficult to find your choice of food.  Kindly carry battery backup and extra memory card, as you have to take lot of pictures of Delhi with You.  Always listen instructions of your guide before leaving the bus and make sure to cross check assembling point when you come outside each monument.

You may find various bus tours of our city, but you will not find a single which can compare itinerary Bus Tour of Delhi Darshan
This one will not cost you much and will show different aspects of Delhi, but let me clear you one thing that Delhi is tooooooooooo…….. big you can not see entire Delhi in one or two days.  One should take a minimum ten days tour of Delhi to explore our capital of India.

identical location names in delhi

there are at least 10 names shared by two or more neighbourhoods in Delhi, often confusing first time visitors who end up at wrong locations in Delhi.

We have four Krishna Nagar, three Sangam Vihar, three Bharat Nagar and two each of Harsh Vihar, Hari Nagar, Vijay Vihar and Pratap Nagar.

In Delhi there are Seven Railway Stations, three airports and two inter state bus terminals; even though you will find international bus terminals as well.

We have noticed in past that since passenger compares Delhi city with their own city or with some other big city and creates confusion for e.g. check my conversation:

Me: you are arriving Delhi at which railway station?
Passenger: Main Railway Station
Me: Sir, there is no Main Railway Station in Delhi, kindly be specific.
Passenger: so, it must be Delhi Central
Me: there is nothing we have in Delhi as Delhi Central, kindly check your train tickets or you would be running from here to there.

You need to be very specific regarding location names in Delhi, this is the capital of the country and things are different here from your or any other city.

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