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Is it Safe to Travel to New Delhi

By 1 year ago

Are you considering that, “Is it safe to travel to New Delhi?” I understand that these thoughts are valid and specially if you are travelling with your family.

Now days Delhi is always in the center of news. Sometime we hear about protest, police charge etc. And believe me as a local Delhite sometime it takes some minutes to think that what should I do today. “Do i leave my home or not”

Delhi’s population is near 12 million, so tourists should be aware of where to go or where not to go. Crime issues are always there where ever a big city like this will evolve.


  • Avoid Wearing Jewellery
  • Avoid Travelling Alone at Night
  • Pickpockets
  • Food Poisoning

What to do:

  • Bargain first
  • Check expiry date
  • Get your souvenir packed infront of your eyes
  • Swipe your card in card machine infront of your eyes

Everyday something or anything is keep on happening, which keep our city in the center of news. And again the question arise, “Is it Safe to Travel to New Delhi?” And in-spite of all these we citizens of Delhi are proud of our city. The capital of India embrace people from all over the country and abroad. So, we mixture of Religions, Cultures, Food and Holidays. We celebrate every holiday of all religions. So, believe harmony, not the false news. If you are thinking that What to do in Delhi as a Tourist, than believe me that you should start planning today. Do not come and stay in Delhi for one day spend at least 7 days here.

Delhi is a very well protected city all over the country, that’s why dignitaries from all over the world arrive here without hesitation. We get afraid, if something big or small happen in the capital of India. Still the news channels all over the world focus on our lovely city. So, the police is always alert. Delhi Sightseeing is always a lovely experience you should enjoy it as it goes hot in summers, cold in winter, wet in rains. We enjoy all seasons here.

Never ever, have a second thought before visiting this great city of Pandavas. For current situation in Delhi give us a call at 7042661212

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