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Is Delhi Sightseeing in One Day Possible?

1 year ago

This is a very interesting question, that is Delhi Sightseeing in One Day Possible? Delhi looks like a dot on the map of India, but this city has turned itself into a Mega City with so many museums, monuments, parks, worship places, forts, markets and so on… People from all over India of all religions joined their hands to stay with love, peace and harmony at Delhi.

Generally passengers call us and ask us What to do in Delhi as a Tourist? You will find a lot of places of your interest, but here you will find traffic also, so it becomes very necessary to choose your destination wisely and start accordingly.

Options Available:

  • Bus Trip
    These are the most famous and favored way of having a tour inside Delhi.
  • Car Trip
    If you are reaching Delhi after 10am or you have to join some other continuing flight, train or bus around 3 in the noon.
  • Metro Trip
  • Rickshaw Tour
  • Bicycle Tour
  • Segway Tour
  • Boat Ride
  • Motorcycle Rental

So, if you have only one day at your hands and want to do the sightseeing of Delhi than you should consider checking these 2 links Delhi Darshan Bus Tour and Delhi Air Conditioned Bus Tour

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