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Delhi One Day Tour Package

By 2 years ago

One day tour package is generally an ideal choice for tourist visiting capital of India. Our city, Delhi has so much to show and offer that one day is not enough though. But still it is pretty cool to book your Delhi Bus Tour, Delhi Car Tour and hotel in a package.

Delhi Tour in One Day:

In Delhi there is always something going on as per:

  • religious
  • historical
  • cultural
  • iconic
  • traditional
  • symbolic
  • recreation
  • fun
  • shopping
  • live shows
  • theatrical plays
  • exhibitions
  • festivals.
What to do in Delhi?

Delhi potential to offer tourist is vast, you may visit here with lot of time. Since passengers are not aware of this so they prefer Delhi One Day Tour Package. And then they wish to see all of Delhi, which is next to impossible. When we at Delhi Darshan office receive calls regarding same requests. So, it becomes difficult to explain that Delhi is too big.  Then suggesting them for a Delhi Metro Tour to visit their selected places in less money is what we do majorly.  We love to inform passengers whats going in Delhi right now, so that they can explore it properly.

Tourist Make Mistakes:

Generally tourist start Delhi Sightseeing by 10:30am or 11am.  But we strongly recommend to leave your hotel early in morning and visit at least one or two famous spots themselves, before joining the bus tour.  You may go to shrines of Hindu, Sikh, Muslims, Christians, Jains, Buddhist and so on.  Even though we have Fire Temple of Parsi.  Since, people from all part of the country came and settle in this small city converting it to a huge fest.  So all these people came with their religion turning this city into a single spot for so many religious shrines of all religions across India. In Delhi one day tour package you can only have a glimpse of Delhi and we proudly assist passengers to do their solo tours themselves.

Final Note:

Further, i would like to say Delhi is a lovely place and you should do some homework before travelling to your capital.  This entire in-depth homework will  make sure that you will gather more happy moments and selfies over here.  And make sure if you buy something or anything than please collect it and take it with you.  Delhi one day tour package will suits all those who want to spend some good time with family in the capital. Happy Travelling.

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