Corona Ko Hai Dhona!

Things to be Careful in Delhi

10 months ago

Things to be Careful in Delhi! Tourists all over the world are some how prone to some what same kind of hospitality and conning. Somewhere less and Somewhere more.

Delhi Darshan is keep on exploring more things to add here. So, lets find is there anything new at Delhi or not.

Be Careful in Delhi regarding these things:


  • Corona Virus
    Corona Ko Hai Dhona. Keep Soap or Alcohol Base Sanitizer in your pocket. Only Buy Hand Sanitizer from a shop, not from road side.
  • Take Hotel near Hospital
    We will suggest you to book a hotel which is near to a reputed hospital in Delhi. In case of an emergency it will be convenient for you. For your reference check Where to Stay in Delhi with Family


  • Internet
    Avoid using public Wi-Fi, some may not be secured.
  • Unknown Areas
    Believe me it’s fun and exciting to get lost and just stroll around like a local Delhite. Generally there is no danger. But it’s not certain that all areas are safe. Usually, there is no danger, but it can be good to have a decent track of where you are. Always have right information, where to go and where not to.
  • Strangers
    Avoid, giving your personal details to stangers such as, never tell that you are travelling alone or feeling insecured etc.
  • Never dine near a major tourist spot
    All over world restaurants near a major tourist spot as food will be expensive and not good in quality.
  • Never take pictures of people without their permission
    This is the best advice. If someone come into your picture frame, than show them that you have deleted the picture.
  • Never dress immodestly and disrespectfully
    Always be aware of the dress code at religious places like Hindu & Buddhist temples, Gurudwaras, Mosques, and Churches. On a safer edge kindly carry a scarf or stole with you.
  • Research Delhi First
    Spare some time before your trip to Delhi and do your research the area. You may find new attractions near your hotel or on the way inside Delhi. For research you may click Places to Visit in Delhi
  • Try not to look like a Tourist
    Your wardrobe will make you stand out from others. The idea is to blend in, so that bad elements do not highlight you to con.


  • Taxi
    At tourist hotels, taxis are always costly. And if you go by unknown taxis, than you may get stuck in a scam. Drivers there take advantage of tourists. Kindly book your car tour from a reputed travel agency.
  • Car / Scooter Rental
    Always make a video of the vehicle from all sides and include the owner and the moment of handling your identification document. This will save you from getting blamed for various scratches and damage to the vehicle when you return it.

Money Matters:

  • To save small Money, Never waste Time
    If you are seriously looking for things to be careful in Delhi, than this is the most important point. I have seen tourist getting stuck in barganing with Auto-Wallahas. Generally passengers do not do pre booking of tour and than last minutes try to save money with Autos. Do smart tour not a frustrated tour. Tourist time at Delhi is precious, as you will spare only one day for the capital!
  • Never keep all of your cash in one location
    If you are two or more than you shouls split mone y and keep some in your luggage at your hotel.
  • ATMs
    For withdrawl kindly use an ATM located inside a bank or an ATM with a guard.
  • If it costs extra to stay safe, do it
    Its difficult for me to understand when passenger call us and says, “That they need the cheapest room” They come by flight but need cheap out of the cheapest hotel. If you’ve got to pay extra to get a hotel room in a safe area, than you should do it. Your safety should be at priority.
  • Valuables
    Expensive gadgets or jewellery draws undue attention, which may invite trouble.

There is lot in Delhi for Sightseeing, we will be happy if you ask us questions regarding things to be careful in Delhi.