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Supreme Court Guided Tour

2 years ago

Visitors to Delhi can book one-hour guided tours to the Supreme Court of India.  Right now the tours are conducted every Saturday, as there are no court hearings on Saturday.   This tour will start from the main lawns within the court area, where the statue of justice stands. Further, you will  visit visit to the museum. and the tour will end after refreshment.

Places of Interest at Supreme Court Guided Tour:
  1. Judges’ Corridor
  2. Courtroom Number 1
  3. Museum
  4. Judges’ Library

The area inside Supreme Court which was just opened for law students, lawyers, law interns, media persons and litigants. But now visitors may choose the date and time for a 60 minute visit to the Supreme Court in between 10:00am to 11:30am on all Saturdays except declared holidays.

The Supreme Court of India is open to the general public from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM every Saturday except on declared holidays. This is a great opportunity to gain inside access to the grand interiors of the Supreme Court building and admire the majestic structure in its full glory. Pre-planned escorted visits can be arranged, subject to online booking made in advance. The visitors will be accompanied throughout the premises and introduced to parts of historical importance. They will also get a chance to witness the court rooms.
The Supreme court Sightseeing across the grounds usually takes an hour. Visitors are ushered through the majestic courtrooms. They also get a glimpse inside the grandiose Judges’ library where entry on other days is particularly restricted. The excursion ends with a tour of the Supreme Court museum.
An official of the Court will be assigned as your tour guide who will elaborate upon the structure of the Indian legal system yet keep you engaged with intriguing examples of decided cases and the historical significance behind the architecture of the building. A short film will be shown to culminate the educational experience.
These guided visits organized Every Saturday, two tours can be arranged that commence at the following times:
Dates Tour Timings
Most Saturdays throughout the year
(except declared holidays) 10:00 A.M. and 11:30 A.M.
Maximum 40 people per trip are allowed. Online pre-booking is mandatory to reserve a slot. Tour will not conducted if less than five individuals pre-book on any given day.
To book the slot click “Guided Tour” and go to the “Registration” tab on the official website of the Supreme Court of India and fill the slot online form to confirm reservation. Online booking is subject to confirmation sent through SMS/ email after registration.
No fee is charged for a tour of the Supreme Court.
There is no provision to submit clothes, bags etc. for safekeeping. To avoid inconvenience, it would be best to show up at the Court carrying minimum or no baggage. All visitors will be subjected to a security search upon arrival.
Photography is not allowed during a guided tour and visitors are forbidden from using a camera or cell phone while touring the premises.
The visitors should report at P.R.O. office through Gate D for the guided tour half an hour before the slot time, so that the guided tour can start at the time scheduled, after the security checks etc.
Eatables, Pan, Gutka, Mobile, Cameras, Bagpacks are not allowed during the guided tour.

Being the highest legal authority of the nation, it is imperative that visitors maintain proper decorum commensurate with the dignity of the esteemed establishment. Guests are expected to adhere to the following instructions:
• A thorough security scan will be conducted at entry point. Visitors will be required to walk through metal detectors and their personal items will be scrutinized through the x-ray machine.
• Explore the grounds without creating a commotion to retain the operational harmony of nearby offices.
• As stated before, photography and filming is strictly forbidden on the Supreme Court grounds.
• Meals, snacks and beverages may only be consumed in the canteen area.
• Smoking is stringently denied inside the building.
• Physical contact is not permitted with any work of art such as paintings, portraits, relics or any other exhibit.
• Supreme Court Registry reserves the right to approve/ reject the permission to visit the Supreme Court.
Essential requirement for all visitors:
A visitor must have a printout of the Electronic Registration Slip (ERS) and should duly carry the Original Identity Card as explained in the registration form. The foreign national must carry their original passport along with the Electronic Registration Slip.
Tour Photographs:
Group photo of visitors will be available in gallery at “Tour Photographs” on the same day evening.

Supreme Court Guided Tour Booking Link: Helpline Number: 011-23385347

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