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National Agricultural Science Museum

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NASC Complex, Dev Prakash Shastri Marg Opp. Dasghara, Pusa Campus, New Delhi 110012


10.30 A.M. to 04.30 P.M.

Entry Fee:

Rs. 10 Per Individual. Free entry for School, College students and Groups of farmers


Mondays and National Holidays


Pollution free, spacious and full of greenery

Parking :

Free and Ample.

Contact Number:



National Agricultural Science Museum exhibits consisting of colorful posters and life like models pertaining to :

  • Evolution of Man
  • Historical development and progress of Agriculture through the ages
  • Agriculture Scenario during various civilizations
  • Description of major natural phenomena influencing Agriculture
  • Global issues pertaining to Agriculture
  • Several audio visual and user friendly touch screen interfaces
  • Special segment for children , including games and quizzes to satisfy their curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Total 150 exhibits are displayed in 10 major sections:

  1. Six Pillars of Agriculture
  2. Agriculture in Prehistoric Era
  3. Indus Valley Civilization,
  4. Vedic & Post Vedic Era
  5. Sultnat & Mughal Era
  6. Advent of British
  7. Advancement of agricultural sciences in Independent India,
  8. Global Issues related to Agriculture
  9. Towards a Food-Secure Future
  10. Children’s Section.

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