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Delhi Darshan Bus Fare

2 years ago

If you are comparing Delhi Darshan Bus Fare with Delhi Darshan Car Tour, than you should consider couple of more things.


Car tours always come with hidden charges. Driver may ask you at last moment for parking charges etc. Where as Delhi Darshan bus cost is very pocket friendly, inclusive of hidden charges except personal expenses. And if you are booking, lets say six months prior than you may get further discounts.


There will be a complimentary on-board guide in bus tour. And if you require a guide in car, than you need to pay extra. Plus you need to hire a big car, as guide will also need seat in the car.


Generally passengers selecting a car tour make themselves comfortable regarding time. We mean, late start, spending more time at one tourist spot etc.

While in a bus tour, the guide is managing time schedule of the entire group. So, chances are much that you will be able to visit more places in Bus as compare to Car.

Route Clarity:

The bus driver runs the tour everyday on same route, so he is more familiar with the internal roads of Delhi and local traffic.

Where as the car driver is driving car one day to Manali, the other day to Shimla or some other destination. I mean to say that, familiarity with highways is a different subject than understanding the local routes and traffic inside a city.


Its you who have to take decision, Delhi Darshan Bus Fare is not only an important point. The optimum use of your time at Delhi as a tourist is more important. You should see more and more places in one day.  And for that we will guide you to have a look at Delhi Metro Tour. Further you may also love to check Delhi Sightseeing