Corona Ko Hai Dhona!


2 years ago

selecting mode of transportation to view city from inside changes the entire tour for one and travelling by Delhi Darshan Bus is a different experience all together.

Delhi Darshan Bus Tour is a well weaved one day experience for first time visitors to Delhi as this tour is comprising of all major aspects of Delhi.  Generally this bus tour starts at 9:55am but assembling starts at 9:15am, we advise passengers strongly to reach on time as there is lot to see in Delhi but condition is that you have to be on time.

This bus will take you to Temple, important Government Buildings, Historical Places, Religious Places, Art – Architecture point of view important spots and so on…
Your entire day will spend at visiting places and taking pictures of Delhi and Delhi Life, here in every corner of the city you will find spots which are important for your visit.

There is a halt for lunch also and we advise passengers to carry their own choice of eatables and drinking water from their hotels or place of stay as sometime it gets difficult to find your choice of food.  Kindly carry battery backup and extra memory card, as you have to take lot of pictures of Delhi with You.  Always listen instructions of your guide before leaving the bus and make sure to cross check assembling point when you come outside each monument.

You may find various bus tours of our city, but you will not find a single which can compare itinerary Bus Tour of Delhi Darshan
This one will not cost you much and will show different aspects of Delhi, but let me clear you one thing that Delhi is tooooooooooo…….. big you can not see entire Delhi in one or two days.  One should take a minimum ten days tour of Delhi to explore our capital of India.