How to Book Executive Lounge at NDLS?

Passengers arriving at New Delhi Railway Station, generally needs to know that, “How to Book Executive Lounge at NDLS?” Below, we have jot down couple of details for your reference. Kindly use those links for booking information.

Lounge Reservation:

Online booking of Executive Lounge, Seat/ Recliners/ Bed is available on following websites:

You may call to do booking also.

Lounge Contact Details:

  • 011 23213487
  • 99110994066

Lounge Email id:


Generally, passengers should do reservation of the lounge waiting rooms timely. But if you are on the way to Delhi, than still you should give a try to do booking. Otherwise, if you were booking lounge so that you can wait for the next train. Then, we will offer you to Explore Delhi Yourself, click here

More Details:

  • For more information such as availability of facilities, wash rooms etc. click Waiting Room at New Delhi Railway Station.
  • From time to time, we are adding and modifying the list of Frequently Asked Question. In order to check the FAQS to New Delhi Railway station, click here.
  • If you need specific details regarding, how to book Executive Lounge at NDLS New Delhi Railway Station, kindly WhatsApp us.
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