Corona Ko Hai Dhona!

delhi tour

2 years ago

no body can think of Delhi Tour in this way also.  You can do Delhi Sightseeing by Bus, Car, Rickshaw, Metro and Walk all in one day.  I know this may sound hilarious or impossible, but we do make this happen every day here in Delhi.

Travelling is my passion and i developed this passion into my career and started my company Delhi Darshan, to show my city to entire world.  This city can not be viewed just in one or two days at lest five to seven days are minimum required to see some spots at Delhi Tour.

Passengers mostly keep one day, only one day for the capital of India.  And generally believe, “Humnay Delhi Dekh Liya”

Delhi is not a place where people of all states live together only, this city has evolved into a major commercial and cultural hub.  You will find different localities of people who hailed from different parts of India such as Bengal, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharasthra and so on…

Everybody didn’t just came and settle over here but brought their native culture along with them, which we witness in the form of food, clothing, language, colour and design of houses and the list seems to be never ending, we have tried all our best to include as much of these in Delhi Tour.  Further we have made new blends of everything here for example fried ice-cream, yes you read it right.  Kids of Punjabi’s can understand and even speak South Indian languages and vice versa, because they study in same school.  You are going to witness these and many more blends spread all over the city.

Here in Delhi when we take you on a Delhi Darshan tour so our main motto is to show you the glimpse of this magnificent city in One Day Delhi Tour, so that next time whenever you come back, you come with more days to spend at Delhi.