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Delhi Sightseeing Tour from Airport

5 months ago

If you are looking for Delhi Sightseeing Tour from Airport, than first find on which Airport/ Terminal you are. Delhi has total six airports including heliport, among which five are open for civilians use.

Right now you are either at:

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3 (T3)
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 2 (T2)
  • Domestic Airport Terminal 1 (T1)
  • Hindon Air Force Station (Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Rohini Heliport
  • Safdarjung Airport (Closed for Civilians)

Options We Have:

  • Car Tour
    Since airports are not in the center of the city, do Delhi Car Tour Package will suit you. But it will be an advice to hire a car from an experience tour company. Generally drivers are not that much educated and that’s why can not work or act as guide. So here the tour company will make an itinerary with time adjustment to suit specifically your requirement.
  • Bus Tour
    These will start from the center of the city and you have to reach there. We may recommend you to read Delhi Bus Tours blogs. These small blogs will equip you to select your choice of bus tours and if you are not able to find one yourself than call us 011-4-28-28-28-7
  • Metro Tour
    This option is best if you have no luggage with you. At every Airport the nearest metro station will give you the opportunity to start your Metro Tour. But if there is more than one metro line nearby than do not forget to call us. We will guide you which Metro line have more monuments to be seen on that particular day at that time. You may refer to Delhi Metro Tour for list of Tourist attractions at Delhi.

For Delhi Sightseeing Tour from Airport, Kindly find out the exact airport your flight is going to land with expected time of arrival. We will guide you first that how you may do Delhi Sightseeing tour from Airport. Either we may suggest you to opt for Bus, Car or Metro Tour. It all depends upon your circumstances.

Delhi Sightseeing is a very exhaustive, but a mind boggling experience for the first comers to this magnificent city. Visiting Places in Delhi are never ending. We will encourage you to take our guidance to explore this city.