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Legislative Assembly, NCT of Delhi Opened for General Public

on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day, the gates of Delhi Legislative Assembly will be opened for general public to witness the illuminated historic building and Musical Fountain.   Two days are assigned for this purpose i.e. 14 and 15 August 2019 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

You should visit this historical building with your family and see the place from where government of Delhi works.

We encourage visitors which are in Delhi right now to visit this place and include it in their Delhi Night Tour and National Rail Museum

Nizamuddin Railway Station Has Been Transformed

The walls of Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, one of Delhi’s busiest stations, now sport vibrant paintings of the icons of the national capital, including the Lotus Temple, India Gate, and the Delhi Metro.

The graffiti at the station also aims at educating passengers on cleanliness and hygienic in daily life, a statement said.

The beautification work has been done by public art campaign titled me for my city, an ongoing graffiti art initiative which will be extended to other 11 railway stations across India.

Through this it is aimed to spread the message to sensitize Citizens about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition to public art, a creative campaign will depict the message of Mera Shehar, Meri Pehchan on the supporter’s digital handles.

Fatehpuri Masjid

The third largest mosque inside the Walled City of Delhi is a lesser known mosque made by Shah Jahan in the memory of his lesser known wife Fatehpuri Begum.

This is a red sandstone structure without any tall minarets or huge domes.  Even though the central dome of this mosque looks like of marble, which is actually of lime mortar.

Fatehpuri Masjid history is filled with pathos.  After the 1857 revolt at Delhi by British Indian Army, this mosque was first damaged by the Britishers and than sold to a Hindu merchant and was returned to the faithfuls.

The Fatehpuri mosque facing the Mughal power, the Red Fort, is a mute witness to the unfolding drama of history right from the period of the Mughal empire and British rule till date. Fatehpuri Masjid was built in the year 1650 by Fatehpuri Begum who was one of Shah Jahan’s wives. The mosque is built with red sandstone on a large scale and is crowned by a single dome.
This mosque is an example of the magnificence of Mughal architecture flanked by towering minarets, the mosque has a traditional design with the prayer hall having seven arched openings; and amongst the seven, the central arch remains the highest.
The masjid has three gates; one is in front of the Red Fort at Chandni Chowk, and the other two are in the North and South directions. Khari Baoli is in the North end and Katra Baryan in the South. The central courtyard is laid with red stones. One can find a very large tank in the courtyard of the mosque which is made of marble. The tank is used for ablution. The platform inside the mosque is built of marble and has four steps. There are rows of red stone pillars, which stand on both sided of the mosque. In the courtyard, there are more than 20 graves of Islamic scholars. The mosque has single and double-storeyed apartments on the sides.

The History Of The Mosque According to history, the mosque was home to the Indian troops in Delhi during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. It is also believed that during the Sepoy Mutiny, the British sold some parts of the mosque to a Hindu merchant, Lala Channa Mal. Later on, the mosque came back to the Muslims in the year 1877. During the Mughal days, the mosque housed some beautiful fountains and a huge central tank but were destroyed by the British troops after the 1857 mutiny. In 1873, the government wanted to buy back the mosque from Lala Chhanna Mal for Rs 1,20,000 to return it back to the Muslims, but Lala did not agree. However, in 1876, when the then British Queen visited India, who also held her court in Delhi, she ordered the mosque to be returned back to the Muslims.
The main mosque is built on a three-and-a-half feet high platform. There are strips of white marble on the main arch and on the domes of the mosque. The main dome is mammoth in structure and it has been plastered in such a way that from a distance, it would resemble a marble dome, but is actually built by lime mortar. The mosque has two minarets, each of which is 80 ft high, which are also built using lime mortar. The mosque has a traditional design with the pillared prayer hall made up of multi-lobed arcades and columns.

Mughal Garden at President House Going to Open

Mughal Garden at President House are going to open for public from 6 February till 10 March, from 9am to 4pm. The garden will be closed only on Monday. Visitor entry and exit will be through Gate number 35. The visitor will be able to visit Bonsai Garden, Spiritual Garden, Musical Garden and Herbal Garden.

You may do booking for entry walk-in or you may do booking online as well.

Delhi One Day Tour Package

Delhi one day tour package is an ideal choice for tourist visiting Delhi and stay for a night as well. Delhi has so much to show and offer that one day is not enough though. But still it is pretty cool to book your Delhi Bus Tour and hotel in a package.

Delhi Tour in One Day:

In Delhi there is always something going on as per:

  • religious
  • historical
  • cultural
  • iconic
  • traditional
  • symbolic
  • recreation
  • fun
  • shopping
  • live shows
  • theatrical plays
  • exhibitions
  • festivals.  
What to do in Delhi?

Delhi potential to offer tourist is vast, you may visit here with lot of time. Since passengers are not aware of this so they prefer Delhi One Day Tour Package. And then they wish to see all of Delhi, which is next to impossible. When we at Delhi Darshan office receive calls regarding same requests. So, it becomes difficult to explain that Delhi is too big.  Then suggesting them for a Delhi Metro Tour to visit their selected places in less money is what we do majorly.  We love to inform passengers whats going in Delhi right now, so that they can explore it properly.

Tourist Make Mistakes:

Generally tourist start Delhi Sightseeing by 10:30am or 11am.  But we strongly recommend to leave your hotel early in morning and visit at least one or two famous spots themselves, before joining the bus tour.  You may go to shrines of Hindu, Sikh, Muslims, Christians, Jains, Buddhist and so on.  Even though we have Fire Temple of Parsi.  Since, people from all part of the country came and settle in this small city converting it to a huge fest.  So all these people came with their religion turning this city into a single spot for so many religious shrines of all religions across India. In Delhi one day tour package you can only have a glimpse of Delhi and we proudly assist passengers to do their solo tours themselves.

Final Note:

Further, i would like to say Delhi is a lovely place and you should do some homework before travelling to your capital.  This entire in-depth homework will  make sure that you will gather more happy moments and selfies over here.  And make sure if you buy something or anything than please collect it and take it with you. Happy Travelling to Delhi and delhi one day tour package will suits all those who have 

Is Delhi Sightseeing in One Day Possible?

Delhi looks like a dot on the map of India, but this city has turned itself into a Mega City with so many museums, monuments, parks, worship places, forts, markets and so on… People from all over India of all religions joined their hands to stay with love, peace and harmony at Delhi.

You will find a lot of places of your interest, but here you will find traffic also, so it becomes very necessary to choose your destination wisely and start accordingly.

So, if you have only one day at your hands and want to do the sightseeing of Delhi than you should consider checking these 2 links Delhi Darshan Bus Tour and Delhi Air Conditioned Bus Tour

delhi one day bus tour

there is nothing best than Delhi one day bus tour to visit major attractions of Delhi in one day.

” Delhi One Day Bus Tour ” is it Possible?

Delhi being the capital of India has a lot of potential not as per center of power and commerce, but also as a main tourist hub.  The bus tours starts generally at 9:55am and tour ends at 6:30am  In this Delhi one day bus tour you are able to see various aspects of the city. In order to book this bus tour click Delhi Darshan Bus Tour Bus tours are good option to do a sightseeing in a day at Delhi.  You just need to buy a tour ticket and rest all is in the hands of those people who are repeating these tours.  They know the lanes, traffic, monuments, time scheduling etc.

Delhi Sightseeing in one day is not possible under any circumstances. This city is big and i assure you that if you plan properly. Than you will be able to visit most of the spots in couple of days.

Our Observations:

What we have observed nowadays that tourist are more keen in taking selfies then exploring the venue. So, its a request kindly explore the monument. Consider beauty of the monument in it’s art, architecture and historical importance. Delhi Bus Tour in One Day will help you out to see the city in a different angle. The angel of us, “Delhites”. Our city is a good place to live and we want you to see the better part of us 🙂 Number of Delhi lanes are filled with history and it is always advised to take a detour. One day Delhi tour is for those who at least reach Delhi in morning. Bus tours are useful if you join them in morning, specifically not after 10am

Mahatma Gandhi Mark at Delhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born today about a century and half ago and he breathed his last in Delhi.  To celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Delhi Department of archaeology has illuminated three monuments with the three colours of the national flag – Saffron, White and Green. The chosen heritage structures are Gol Gumbad near Lodhi Hotel, Bijri Khan’s tomb near Sector 3 in R.K. Puram and mausoleum of Paik at Mukarba Chowk on Delhi- Karnal bypass. This illumination on monuments will remain from 7pm to 11pm till 9th October 2018.

Mahatma Gandhi made 80 visits and stayed 720 days in Delhi.  So, as other tourist Mr. Gandhi and wife took a horse cart to visit Red Fort and Qutab Minar in 1915. Here are a couple of memorial places in Delhi that bear impressions from his life:

  1. Gyarah Murti
  2. Gandi Smriti
  3. Raj Ghat
  4. Valmiki Temple
  5. Kasturba Kutir
    This is located at the premises of Harijan Sevak Sangh near Kingsway Camp. This is a museum after renovation and both Mr. Gandhi with his wife spend 180 days.
  6. Charkha Museum
    This museum is the one of the latest addition in tourist attractions list of Delhi.  The location is at Connaught Place, narst metro Station is Rajeev Chowk.  You will find a large stainless steel Charkha
  7. National Gandhi Museum:
    Mahatma Gandhi’s heartbeat reverberated through the National Gandhi Museum which is located near Rajghat on the occasion of his 149th birth anniversary.  The sound of his heart left tourists emotionally charged and felt connected to the Father of Nation.

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